Our Debut

Shirshakheen [UNTITLED]

An Art Film based on two men who go on a journey after they receive an invitation, for which they waited their entire life for.

Short Summary

Varanasi, INDIA based Visual Artist Raj Sahani is making his Film Debut with this full feature independent film, “UNTITLED”, a story of two old men who are in their 60’s and have lived their life and have been waiting for a letter which arrives at the beginning of the film after which they go on a journey together. The portrayals and visuals in the film might seem absurd, but it’s entirely up to viewer’s discretion. The theme is mostly a Philosophical Thriller and anyone close to Indian culture would easily relate the events in the film, For example film starts with a bird cage with a paper cutout of crow then a cow sitting in mud.

The film is set to be completely shot in Varanasi and Surrounding districts only.

“Untitled” will be directed by Raj Sahani, a Visual Artist who is currently perusing PhD in Film Making from China Academy of Arts. However he’s stuck in INDIA due to the Covid-19 and this is a continuation of his research and an attempt to contribute in the cinema sector.

We are so grateful for your support, shares, and contributions which will help us with production, filming, and festival entries.