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I am a visual artist practicing in various fields of visual art including painting, drawing, photography, and performance art.I had interest in art since my childhood days as my native village- Varanasi, is the centre of many art, crafts, handicrafts and text. Growing up , I saw my family engaged in traditional weaving of famous Banarasi Saree which is the trade mark of Varanasi from centuries. Mostly themes of my art work are social as well as traditional in concept and visualisation. Generally, the subject matter revolves around the social differences which brings out several characteristics in ourselves and arises different feelings of joy, happiness, anger, agony, redemption etc. I depict these feelings, behaviour and emotion through animals which have been portrayed since ancient times.I just aim to revive the old myths through my eyes. Geography and region from where you belong have great impact on your creative structure and so my work too is mostly interwoven with my culture and tradition. I love to do experiments while creating my art so I practice in many mediums and techniques to express myself and create art work.

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Saraimohana, Varanasi 221007, Uttar Pradesh, INDIA

Phone: +91 73559 15354

Email: me@rajsahani.in, studiogiraabhi@gmail.com